woman holding clothes
Fashion doesn’t fit.
Our bodies. Our values. Our planet.

Fashion needs a new fit. One where the people who make clothes are paid enough to live, and in turn our clothes live longer too. Where our styles impact the way we look and feel, not the planet. Where the things we buy stay in our wardrobes and our lives; they don’t bounce from shopping cart to landfill. Clothing tailored to fit and repaired to last.

We started SOJO to help people make change the new standard. We believe in making change, until it fits.

Repaired woven sweater with SOJO tailors
Tailored jeans altered by tailors at SOJO
This is how we’ll get there.

Transparent sustainability

Reducing the negative social and environmental footprint of the fashion industry - and the wider world - is the driving force behind what we do. Innovation, climate-conscious behaviours, knowledge sharing, community engagement, and advocacy can make a difference. We know impact requires sustained effort, and we are dedicated to continuously improving while openly acknowledging and learning from our failures.

We've still got a way to go in our sustainable fashion journey, and we'll make some wrong turns along the way, but we're committed to finding long-term solutions.

Community and Connection

We prioritise building strong

We prioritise building strong personal connections and community through our work and the space we create. Bringing people together – from local tailors to software engineers / developers – is necessary to drive global progress. We hope to empower our community through education, awareness, and great-fitting clothes.

An inclusive ecosystem

Inclusivity is crucial for creativity and progress, and that's why we actively celebrate and cultivate inclusivity within our team and in the wider fashion industry. We recognise that diversity of perspectives, experiences, and social frameworks enrich our conversations and lead to better ideas. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse community where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Valuing craftsmanship

Understanding the origins and processes behind our clothes is more important than ever. Craftsmanship, focusing on care, materials, making, and skill, teaches us the value of things and the importance of being responsible consumers. In a world of mass production, our craft – repairs and alterations – offers something unique and valuable.

We value craftsmanship as a representation of slowness, hard-won skills, and the outcomes of patience and appreciation.
Sojo founder Josephine Philips
How we got here
We live in a world in which "Make-Use-Waste" is the default. A world in which we don’t value the clothes that we own or the planet and people who helped make them. Our Founder, Josephine Philips, driven by a belief in a slower and more considered approach to our relationship with fashion, started SOJO in 2021 to make tailoring and repairs more accessible.
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Where are we now
The SOJO team is made up of over 20 people working out of London. And growing. We’re a team of tailors, riders, technologists and creatives working to accelerate change.
We're here for you.
From the day you buy a dress, to the day you restore it for your daughter. We’re your partner in change.
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