SOJO X Nanushka has landed

SOJO launches limited collection with Nanushka to celebrate partnership

SOJO X Nanushka has landed

November 20, 2023

We are so excited to share that SOJO are now partnered with Nanushka. We are offering repair and alteration services for the luxury fashion brand, to ensure their pieces fit perfectly and last a lifetime.

The Budapest-based fashion label is a trailblazer in luxury sustainability, valuing craftsmanship and the use of low-impact materials to create timeless, responsibly produced designs. It is so exciting to see the brand making a further commitment to circularity by offering online, tailoring to their customers.

Book a repair or alteration on a Nanushka piece now.

To celebrate the partnership, we have also collaborated with Nanushka to launch a limited collection based on the concept of visibly mending clothes. Our tailors have used a range of techniques including crochet, patchwork and embroidery to repair damaged Nanushka pieces and give them a new life. This playful collection showcases the possibilities of creative mending and the beauty in using repairs to make our clothes more personal. The 30-piece capsule collection is available in Nanushka’s flagship store in Bruton Street, London.

Learn more about the collection.

Sandra Sandor, Founder and Creative Director of Nanushka says, "I am very excited that we are finally able to launch our partnership with SOJO and bring this door-to-door repair and creative mending service to our UK customers. Expert partners like SOJO make it easier for conscious customers to extend the life cycle of our garments - so they can continue to wear and love them for future seasons.”

Have a Nanushka item that needs fixing or fitting? Book in under 5 minutes.

SOJO powers repair for brands. Interested in becoming a partner? Get in touch.


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