Freelance Rider
Dalston, London

We’re taking a stand against bad fits and broken things. We demand a change in standards, clothes that fit better and last longer. Clothes that save water, carbon, textiles, time and money from going to waste. We want to make change the new standard.

Our mission is to enable the enjoyment of fashion without damage to people or the planet.

At SOJO, our approach to work is orientated around cultivating key behaviours; to that end, we are: Striving for excellence In all that we do. We expect you to go the extra mile and figure out how you can have the greatest impact in your role. We always expect a dedicated approach and a high quality of work and service. Our approach is:

  • People orientated - We’re all humans first. So we deeply consider the perspectives of others, listen openly,  and speak with care. We help different members of the team if they need it and celebrate each others wins.
  • Results driven - At SOJO, our impact is the greatest barometer for success and we believe in focussing on the outcome and output of all our work. We always go for the most efficient and productive route and we reward results with positive feedback.
  • Transparency - We can’t always get things right but we believe in always prioritising the openness that enables us to have genuine and transparent conversations. We’re honest with ourselves and with others and we don’t look to find blame but instead focus on how we can always do better.
  • Optimism & Joy - Our motivations and work may be as serious as it gets, but we approach the task with a positive attitude. We always believe there is a way to get around every problem and approach things with a solutions focussed-mindset. Both personal and professional human relationships are built on the pleasure of conversation, of shared laughter and emotional appreciation.

Key Competencies:

  • 1-2+ years of riding experience in short, medium and long distance routes around London
  • Confident, safe and well equipped on your bike. Cargo bike experience is desirable
  • Comfortable riding with Google Maps or other route mapping software.
  • Confident using delivery apps and webapps on your smartphone. Experience using Onfleet is desirable; if not training is provided.
  • Friendly personality, easy to approach attitude and always up for good conversations with customers and the local community
  • Excellent time management and organisation skills
  • Excellent customer service skills and team player skills

Key Responsibilities (but not limited to):

  • Delivering and collecting SOJO orders as per your assignment on Onfleet on a daily and/or weekly basis with SOJO HQ as your base
  • Answering any questions from customers at the door about SOJO, how we work and educating them where appropriate on why we exist and our mission
  • Ensuring all SOJO orders that are in your possession are organised, labelled and presentable either back to a customer or back to SOJO HQ.
  • Ensuring that any equipment on loan to you e.g SOJO cargo bikes or backpacks are in good working order
  • Ensuring that the areas in SOJO HQ where rider equipment is stored is kept clean and tidy

Key Attributes:

  • You are willing to be adaptable and flexible as one of SOJO’s freelance riders around London but also willing to learn and challenge yourself throughout your SOJO journey.
  • You have strong organisational skills when working with dense and spread out rider routes
  • Your attention to detail is exceptional and you always want the best outcome for your customers and their SOJO deliveries/ collections
  • You strive to work with a level of excellence at all times no matter what challenges arise
  • You have the ability to work on your own and in a team under time constraints.
  • You ask questions when unsure and provide insights to any challenges you face.
  • You love to problem solve and collaborate with others to come up with effective solutions.

What we offer:

  • An hourly rate of £12 and flexible working hours with consistency where needed
  • Opportunities for part time/ full time positions within the company as it grows
  • A positive, social and values-led working environment with other SOJO team members
  • A suitable bike and backpack if needed
  • Involvement in a role and company with meaningful impact.
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