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SOJO tailoring and repairs, jeans hemming
tailor using tailor's chalk to alter clothing for tailoring and repair delivery
tailor repairing a pair of jeans with clothing repair and alterations delivery

How it works.

Use our web booking or SOJO app and choose your alteration or repair service type for your clothing.
We will collect your order from your door, in location.
Our in-house tailors will repair or tailor your clothing.
We will deliver your order within 5-7 days, to your door, in location.

Tailoring, alterations and repairs for your clothes, collected and delivered to your door, in location. It’s never been so simple.

We’re taking a stand against fashion waste. When we demand a change in standards, our clothes will fit better and last longer – rescuing water, carbon, textiles, time and money from going to waste. We are committed to making tailoring, repairs and alterations more accessible to help you love your clothes for longer and keep them out of landfill.
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